Bank Indonesia – (Indonesia) Holidays 2013

Check 2013 holiday list for Bank Indonesia, Central Bank of Indonesia.
Check 2013 Bank Indonesia holidays in Indonesia. Check dates in 2013 for holidays like New Year’s Day, Siwaratri’s Day, Pagerwesi Day, Chinese New Year 2564, Ngembak Geni Day, Galungan’s Day, Ascension day of Jesus Christ, Kasadha Tengger’s Day, Pagerwesi II Day, Independence Day, Iedul Adha 1434H, Galungan’s Day, Islamic New Year 1434 Hijriyah, Christmas Day.


Bank Indonesia – Holidays 2013
Month Date Week Day Name Note
January 1 Tuesday New Year’s Day Holiday
January 10 Thursday Siwaratri’s Day Holiday
January 11  Friday Siwaratri’s Day Facultative
January 16 Wednesday Pagerwesi Day Facultative.
January 24 Thursday Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW Holiday
February 10 Sunday Chinese New Year 2564 Holiday
March 11 Monday Tawur Agung Kesanga Nyepi Day 1935 Facultative.
March 12 Tuesday Saka New Year 1935 and Nyepi Day Holiday
March 13 Wednesday Ngembak Geni Day Facultative.
March 27 Wednesday Galungan’s Day Facultative.
March 29 Friday Good Friday Holiday
May 9 Thursday Ascension day of Jesus Christ Holiday
May 25 Saturday Vesak Day Holiday
June 6 Thursday Isra’ Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW Holiday
July 23 Tuesday Kasadha Tengger’s Day Facultative
August 5 Monday Before Iedul Fitri 1434 H Limited operation.
August 6 Tuesday Before Iedul Fitri 1434 H Limited operation.
August 7 Wednesday Before Iedul Fitri 1434 H Holiday
August 8 Thursday Iedul Fitri 1434 Hijriyah Holiday
August 9 Friday Iedul Fitri 1434 Hijriyah Holiday
August 14 Wednesday Pagerwesi II Day Facultative
August 17 Saturday Independence Day Holiday
September 20 Friday Unan-Unan Tengger’s Day Facultative.
October 14 Monday Before Iedul Adha 1434H Holiday
October 15 Tuesday Iedul Adha 1434H *) Holiday
October 23 Wednesday Galungan’s Day Facultative
November 5 Tuesday Islamic New Year 1434 Hijriyah Holiday
December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day Holiday
December 26 Thursday After Christmas Day Holiday


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