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Bank of Thailand Holidays 2016

Bank of Thailand Holidays Calendar 2016

Bank of Thailand Holidays Calendar 2016

Check Bank of Thailand holidays for the calendar year 2016. Check holidays dates in 2016 for New Year’s Day, Makha Bucha Day, Chakri Day, Songkran Festival, Songkran Festival, Songkran Festival, National Labor Day, Coronation Day, Wisakha Bucha Day and Mid Year Closing Day.

2016 Bank of Thailand Holidays
No Month Day Week Day Holiday
1 January 1 Friday New Year’s Day
2 February 22 Monday Makha Bucha Day
3 April 6 Wednesday Chakri Day
4 April 13 Wednesday Songkran Festival
5 April 14 Thursday Songkran Festival
6 April 15 Friday Songkran Festival
7 May 2 Monday National Labor Day (Observed)
8 May 5 Thursday Coronation Day
9 May 6 Friday Special Holiday
10 May 20 Friday Wisakha Bucha Day
11 July 1 Friday Mid Year Closing Day
12 July 18 Monday Special Holiday
13 July 19 Tuesday Asarnha Bucha Day
14 August 12 Friday H.M. the Queen’s Birthday
15 October 24 Monday Chulalongkorn Day (Observed)
16 December 5 Monday H.M. the King’s Birthday
17 December 12 Monday Constitution Day
For financial institutions in Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Satun and Songkhla, extra holidays are given for the Chinese New Year Day, Id-ul-Fitr Day (Ramadan Day) and Id-ul-Adha Day (Raya Hajji Day) announced by the Sheikhul Islam Office if the date does not fall on any of holidays listed above or Saturday and Sunday.
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