Argentina Public Holidays 2014

Check the list of Argentina Public Holidays 2014 declared by Argentina Government.

  • Below are the dates for the Public Holidays and Bank holidays declared by Argentina Government for the year 2014.
  • Check the list of holidays such as Immovable Holidays, Transposable Holidays and Non Working Days in Argentina.
  • Check dates and days of Argentina Holidays in 2014 like New Year, Carnival, National Day, Veterans Day, Good Friday, Labor Day, Tourist Bridge, Day of the May Revolution, Step Immortality Day, Independence Day, Immaculate Conception of Mary,  Christmas.


Argentina Public Holidays 2014
No. Month Date Week Day Name
1 January 1 Wednesday New Year
2 March 3 Monday Carnival
3 March 4 Tuesday Carnival
4 March 24 Monday National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice
5 April 2 Wednesday Veterans Day and Memorial in the Falklands War
6 April 18 Friday Good Friday
7 May 1 Thursday Labor Day
8 May 2 Friday Tourist Bridge
9 May 25 Sunday Day of the May Revolution
10 June 20 Friday Step Immortality Day of General Manuel Belgrano
11 July 9 Wednesday Independence Day
12 December 8 Monday Immaculate Conception of Mary
13 December 25 Thursday Christmas
14 December 26 Friday Tourist Bridge

List of Transposable Holidays 2014 in Argentina.

Transposable Holidays
1 Aug-17 Monday, August 18 Step Immortality of General José de San Martín
2 Oct-12 Monday, October 13 Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity
3 Nov-20 Monday, November 24 Day of National Sovereignty

List of Non Working Days 2014 in Argentina.

Non Working Days
1 14-16 April Monday to Wednesday Jewish Passover (b)
2 22 – 20 April Sunday to Tuesday The first two days and last two days of Passover (b) *
3 Apr-17 Thursday Holy Thursday Celebration Christian
4 Apr-24 Thursday Action Day for Tolerance and Respect between Peoples (a)
5 Sep-24 Wednesday Jewish New Year (b) **
6 Oct-03 Friday Day of Atonement (b) ***
7 # Undated Feast of the Sacrifice (c)
8 # Undated Islamic New Year (c)
9 # Undated Completion of Fasting (c)

Notes –

  • a) Law No. 26,199 issued to commemorate the genocide of the Armenian people.
  • (B) For people who profess the Jewish Religion. Provisions of Decree 1584/2010 .
  • ** The two days of Rosh Hashana (New Year) begins on September 24 at 18:30 and end on September 26 at 18:30.
  • *** The Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) begins on October 3 at 18:20 hours and ends on October 4 at 19:35 hours.
  • (C) For the people who profess the Islamic religion. Provisions of Decree 1584/2010 .
  • (#) Approximate dates. They are governed by the lunar calendar.
  • For more detail information of holidays visit : Argentina Government.