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Falkland Islands Public Holidays 2017

Falkland Islands Public Holidays Calendar 2017

Falkland Islands Public Holidays Calendar 2017

Check Falkland Islands Public Holidays for the calendar year 2017. Check 2017 Public holidays dates for New Year’s Day, Good Friday, HM The Queen’s Birthday, Liberation Day, Peat Cutting Monday, Battle Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Christmas Holiday and *Government Holiday.

 Falkland Islands Public Holidays 2017
No Month Day Week Day Holiday
1 January 2 Monday New Year’s Day
2 April 14 Friday Good Friday
3 April 21 Friday HM The Queen’s Birthday
4 June 14 Wednesday Liberation Day
5 October 2 Monday Peat Cutting Monday
6 December 8 Friday Battle Day
7 December 25 Monday Christmas
8 December 26 Tuesday Boxing Day
9 December 27 Wednesday Christmas Holiday
10 December 28 Thursday *Government Holiday
11 December 29 Friday *Government Holiday

Note :- 1> When a Public Holiday falls either on Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is carried over to the Monday.
2> Falkland Day falls on 14 August each year but is not now a Government or public holiday. Executive Council agreed to move the holiday from 14th August to provide for the re-introduction of the Peat cutting holiday on the first Monday in October each year with effect from 2002.

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