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Macau Public Holidays 2015

Check the list of Macau public holidays 2015 declared by Macau Government.

  • The following dates are observed as public holidays in Macau.
  • Check dates in year 2015 for New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Cheng Ming Festival, The Buddha’s Birthday, Tung Ng Festival, National Day of the People’s Republic of China, Chong Yeung Festival, All Soul’s Day, Feast of Immaculate Conception, Macao S.A.R. Establishment Day, Winter Solstice, Christmas Day Holiday
Macau Public Holidays 2015
Sr.No. Month Day Weak Day Name
1  January 1 Thursday New Year’s Day
2  February 19 Thursday Lunar New Year’s Day
3  February 20 Friday The second day of the Lunar New Year
4  February 21 Saturday The third day of the Lunar New Year
5  April 3 Friday Good Friday
6  April 4 Saturday The Day before Easter
7  April 5 Sunday Cheng Ming Festival
8  May 1 Friday Labor Day
9  May 25 Monday The Buddha’s Birthday (Feast of Buddha)
10  June 20 Saturday Tung Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)
11  September 28 Monday The Day following Chong Chao (Mid-Autumn) Festival
12  October 1 Thursday National Day of the People’s Republic of China
13  October 2 Friday The Day following National Day of the People’s Republic of China
14  October 21 Wednesday Chong Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors)
15  November 2 Monday All Soul’s Day
16  December 8 Tuesday Feast of Immaculate Conception
17  December 20 Sunday Macao S.A.R. Establishment Day
18  December 22 Tuesday Winter Solstice
19  December 24 Thursday Christmas Eve
20  December 25 Friday Christmas Day
Special Grant for exempt from work for staff in Public Administration by the Chief Executive on 24 March 2014
21  February (afternoon) 18 Wednesday Lunar New Year’s Eve
22  February 23 Monday The fifth day of the Lunar New Year
23  April 6 Monday The first working day after the Day before Easter
24  April 7 Tuesday The second working day after Cheng Ming Festival
25  June 22 Monday The first working day after Tung Ng Festival
26  December 21 Monday The first working day after Macao S.A.R. Establishment Day
27  December (afternoon) 31 Thursday New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
It is celebrated with great joy in all the hotels and discos in Macau, and there is a firework display at mid-night at the Nam Van Lake to welcome the New Year.
Cheng Ming Festival
Falling on the 106th day after the Winter Solstice, Ching Ming is a family affair. It is the day when relatives flock to their ancestors’ graves. They tidy the tombstones and arrange fresh flowers and three glasses of wine before them. They burn joss sticks and paper objects, in the belief that the dead will receive these “the other side”.Paper cars, money, mahjong sets, even cellular phones go up in smoke.
The Buddha’s Birthday (Feast of Buddha)
A day when the images of Buddha are ceremonially cleaned and purified in Buddhist Temples throughout the territory.
Tung Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)
This old Chinese festival is to commemorate the heroic poet Wat Yuen who protested against corruption by drowning himself. Today all celebrations are concentrated on the famous Dragon Boat Races, which in Macau takes place on the Nam Van Lake. Many local teams and foreign teams take part in this colourful event.
The Day following Chong Chao (Mid-Autumn) Festival
The centre of this celebration is the Moon on the 15th day of the 8th month, according to the lunar calendar. People make especial lunar cakes, which they offer, to each other in familiar and friends visits. The preparation of the cakes requires the eggs and the ingredients to be energetically shaken. At night everybody goes out to observe the new moon and to worship the gods with colourful and exquisite lanterns. In Macau the traditional spots for that are the Praia Grande and Nam Van Lake,
all gardens and Hac-Sa and Cheoc-Van beaches in Coloane. People sometimes leave their lanterns floating on the water.
Chong Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors)
Also known as the Festival of Ascending Heights, celebrated by the Chinese, when many people climb hills after offering prayers at family graves.
Christmas Day
Although the great majority of the population in Macau is not Christian, this season in Macau is particularly different. One can feel a bit of Europe on the air. Some cake shops and hotels prepare traditional Portuguese Christmas cakes and the entire city is decorated with lights and Nativity scenes.


  • Decree-Law no. 7/97/M – establishes the system for exemptions from work and public holidays.
  • * Obligatory holidays according to the Article 44th of the Law no. 7/2008 issued on 18th August 2008.
  • For more detail information visit : Public Holidays 2015.

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