Moldova Public Holidays 2014

Check the list of Moldova Public Holidays 2014 declared by Moldova Government.

  • Below are the dates for the Public Holidays and Bank holidays declared by Moldova Government for the year 2014.
  • Check dates and days of Moldova Holidays in 2014  like New Year’s Day, Christmas, International Women’s Day, Othodox Easter, Orthodox Easter Monday, Labour Day, Victory and Commemoration Day, Independence Day Moldova, Limba Noastra,  National Language Day.


Moldova Public Holidays 2014
No. Month Date Week Day Name
1 January 1 Wednesday New Year´s Day
2 January 7 Tuesday Christmas (orthodox)
3 January 8 Wednesday Christmas (orthodox)
4 March 8 Saturday International Women’s Day
5 April 20 Sunday Othodox Easter
6 April 21 Monday Orthodox Easter Monday
7 May 1 Thursday Labour Day
8 May 9 Friday Victory and Commemoration Day
9 August 27 Wednesday Independence Day Moldova (1991)
10 August 31 Sunday Limba Noastra, National Language Day

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