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South Korea Public Holidays 2013

Check the list of 2013 public holidays for South Korea.
Koreans officially follow the Gregorian calendar, even though there are a few holidays that are based on the lunar calendar.

Check day and dates of  New Year’s Day, Seollal, March 1st Movement, Buddha’s Birthday  , Liberation Day,Christmas Day.

Month Day WeekDay Holiday
January 1 Tuesday New Year’s Day
February 9 Saturday Seollal Holiday – Day 1
February 10 Sunday Seollal Holiday – Day 2
February 11 Monday Seollal Holiday – Day 3
March 1 Friday March 1st Movement
May 5 Sunday Children’s Day
May 17 Friday Buddha’s Birthday
June 6 Thursday Memorial Day
August 15 Thursday Liberation Day
September 18 Wednesday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 1
September 19 Thursday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 2
September 20 Friday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 3
October 3 Thursday National Foundation Day
December 25 Wednesday Christmas

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