Philippines School Term and Holidays 2013-14

Check Philippines school calender, holidays and activities in the academic year 2013-14.

Philippines School Calender 2014
Month Date Activity
Year 2013
June 3 Opening of Classes
August  1-2 First Quarter Examination
August 27 National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) for K to 12 – G8
August 28 NCAE for BEC – Y3
October  10-11 Second Quarter Examination
October  28-31 Mid-Year Assessment and INSET/Semestral Break
November  11-15 Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT)
December 21 Start of Christmas Break
Year 2014
January 6 Resumption of Classes
January  9-10 Third Quarter Examinations
January 25 Early Registration Day (for SY 2014-2015)
March 5 National Achievement Test (NAT), Secondary – Fourth Year
March 11 NAT, Elementary – Grade III
March 13 NAT, Elementary – Grade VI
March  13-14 Final Examinations for Grade VI and Year IV
March  20-21 Final Examinations for Grades I-V and Years I-III
March  27-28 Recognition/Graduation Ceremonies
March 31 Last Day of Classes
April 8 Start of Summer Classes
May 16 End of Summer Classes

School Holidays in Philippines

Philippines School Holidays 2014
Month Day Week Day Name
Year 2013
June 12 Wednesday Independence Day
August 9 Friday Eid-ul Fitr*
August 21 Wednesday Ninoy Aquino Day
August 26 Monday National Heroes Day
October 15 Tuesday Eid-ul Adha*
November 1 Friday All Saints Day
November 30 Saturday Bonifacio Day
December 30 Monday Rizal Day
Year 2014
February 25 Tuesday EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Note –

  • Private schools may deviate from the school calendar given their class opening is not earlier than June 3 and not later than the last day of August.
  • Schools may observe national, local celebrations and holidays, provided that the total number of school days is maintained and make-up classes are conducted.
  • Brigada Eskwela is set this May 20 to 24, 2013. It is an all week long project that entices the community to participate in the maintenance of public schools.
  • * Subject to change.
  • For more detail visit Philippines Dept of Education.