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Prince Edward Island (Canada) Public Holidays 2017

Prince Edward Island (Canada) Public Holidays Calendar 2017

Prince Edward Island (Canada) Public Holidays Calendar 2017

Check Prince Edward Island (PEI) holidays for the calendar year 2017. The following is the list of paid holidays as per the Collective Agreement, Article 22.01, Designated Statutory Holidays. Check holidays dates in┬áPrince Edward Island (Canada) for New Year’s Day, Islander Day , Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas Eve.

Prince Edward Island (Canada) Holidays 2017
No Month Day Week Day Holiday
1 January 2 Monday New Year’s Day
2 February 20 Monday Islander Day
3 April 14 Friday Good Friday
4 April 16 Sunday Easter Sunday
5 May 22 Monday Victoria Day
6 July 1 Saturday Canada Day
7 September 4 Monday Labor Day
8 October 9 Monday Thanksgiving Day
9 November 11 Saturday Remembrance Day
10 December 22 Friday Christmas Eve
11 December 25 Monday Christmas
12 December 26 Tuesday Boxing Day

Note :
Where an employee observes religious holidays not included in Article 22.01, the Employer shall allow that employee to substitute his/her religious holidays for those days. If the employee is then required to work his/her holiday, he/she shall be compensated in the same manner as an employee required to work one of the holidays herein.

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