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Rajasthan (India) Public Holidays 2020

Rajasthan Public Holidays 2020
Rajasthan (India) Public Holidays 2020
Check Rajasthan Public, Restricted and Bank holidays for the calendar year 2020. Find 2020 holidays dates in Rajasthan for Holi, Shree Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Independence Day, Govardhan Puja and Guru Nanak Jayanti in Rajasthan.

Public Holidays

All Government offices in Rajasthan are closed on following holidays in 2020.
2020 Rajasthan Public Holidays
NoMonthDayWeek DayHoliday
1January 2 Thursday Guru Gobind Sing Birthday
2January 26 Sunday Republic Day
3February 21 Friday Mahashivratri
4March 9 Monday Holika Dahan
5March 10 Tuesday Holi
6March 25 Wednesday Chetichand
7April 2 Thursday Shree Ram Navami
8April 6 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
9April 10 Friday Good Friday
10April 14 Tuesday Dr.B.R.Ambedkars Birthday
11April 25 Saturday Parshuram Jayanti
12May 25 Monday Eid-al-Fitr *
13May 25 Monday Maharana Pratap Jayanti
14August 1 Saturday Eid al-Zuha * (Bakari Eid)
15August 3 Monday Raksha Bandhan
16August 12 Wednesday Janmashtami
17August 15 Saturday Independence Day
18August 28 Friday Ramdev Jayanti
19August 30 Sunday Muharram *
20October 2 Friday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
21October 17 Saturday Navaratra Sthapana
22October 24 Saturday Durgashtami
23October 25 Sunday Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra)
24October 30 Friday Baravfat *
25November 14 Saturday Diwali
26November 15 Sunday Govardhan Puja
27November 16 Monday Bhai Dooj
28November 30 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
29December 25 Friday Christmas

Bank Holidays

Holidays declares under the NI Act 1881 for the year 2020 by the Finance department of Rajasthan.
2020 Bank Holidays in Rajasthan
NoMonthDayWeek DayHoliday
1January 26 Sunday Republic Day
2February 21 Friday Mahashivratri
3March 10 Tuesday Holi
4April 1 Wednesday Annual Closing of Bank Account Day
5April 2 Thursday Shree Ram Navami
6April 6 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
7April 14 Tuesday Dr.B.R.Ambedkars Birthday
8May 25 Monday Eid-al-Fitr *
9August 1 Saturday Eid al-Zuha * (Bakari Eid)
10August 3 Monday Raksha Bandhan
11August 12 Wednesday Janmashtami
12August 15 Saturday Independence Day
13August 30 Sunday Muharram *
14October 2 Friday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
15October 25 Sunday Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra)
16November 14 Saturday Diwali
17November 15 Sunday Govardhan Puja
18November 30 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
19December 25 Friday Christmas

Restricted Holidays

Government employee can avail only two holidays from the list of restricted holidays given below.
2020 Restricted Holidays in Rajasthan
NoMonthDayWeek DayHoliday
1January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
2February 1 Saturday Devnarayan Jayanti
3February 7 Friday Vishavkarma Jayanti
4February 8 Saturday Swami Charan Jayanti
5February 9 Sunday Guru Ravidas Jayanti
6February 18 Tuesday Maharshi Dayanand Swaraswati Jayanti
7February 23 Sunday Gadage Maharaj Jayanti
8April 9 Thursday Shab e Barat
9April 11 Saturday Mahatma Jotiba Phule Jayanti
10April 13 Monday Baishakhi
11April 19 Sunday Sain Jayanti
12May 7 Thursday Buddha Pornima
13May 22 Friday Jamat ul Vida
14July 5 Sunday Guru Pornima
15August 9 Sunday Vishva Adivashi Divas
16August 10 Monday Thadadi
17August 22 Saturday Ganesh Chaturthi
18August 23 Sunday Sanvasari
19September 1 Tuesday Anant Chaturthi
20October 24 Saturday Mahanavami
21November 4 Wednesday Karva Chouth


Rajasthan Public Holidays 2020
Rajasthan (India) Public Holidays 2020
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