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Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) Holidays 2014

Check the list of Taiwan Stock Exchange Holidays 2014 and trading hours declared by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE). Check dates in year 2014 for Spring Festival, Peace Memorial Day, Children’s Day, Tomb-sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, National Day.

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) Holidays 2014
Month Day Week Day Holiday
January 1 Wednesday New Year
January 28 Tuesday No Trading.
January 29 Wednesday Market opens only for Clearing & Settlement.
January 30 Thursday Lunar New Year’s Eve
January 31 Friday Spring Festival
February 1 Saturday Spring Festival
February 2 Sunday Spring Festival
February 3 Monday Spring Festival
February 4 Tuesday Spring Festival
February 28 Friday Peace Memorial Day
April 4 Friday Children’s Day
April 5 Saturday Tomb-sweeping Day
May 1 Thursday Labor Day
June 2 Monday Dragon Boat Festival
September 8 Monday Mid-autumn Festival
October 10 Friday National Day

Trading Hours :-

The TWSE operates in a consolidated limit order book environment, where only limit orders are accepted. During the regular trading session from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., buy and sell orders can interact to determine the execution price subject to applicable auto-matching rules. Orders can be entered half an hour before the regular trading session.
In addition to the regular trading session, the TWSE also offers other trading sessions as the followings.

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) Trading Hours
Trading Sessions Order Placing Hours Trading Hours
Regular Trading 8:30-13:30 9:00-13:30
Off-hour Trading 14:00-14:30 14:30
Odd-lot Trading 13:40-14:30 14:30
Block Trading Non-paired Trade 09:00-17:00 09:00-17:00
Paired Trade 09:00-17:00 08:00-08:30
09:00-17:00 08:00-08:30
Auction 15:00-16:00 After 16:00
Tender Offer 15:00-16:00 After 16:00


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