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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Holidays 2019

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Holidays Calendar 2019

Check Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) holidays for the calendar year 2019. Check 2019 holidays dates in Israel for Purim, Passover II, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Pentecost (Shavuot), Fast Day, Jewish New Year.
The trading on the TASE is transacted Sunday to Thursday and Clearing is executed Sunday to Friday, with the exception of the following vacation schedule.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Holidays 2019
No Month Day Week Day Holiday
1 March 21 Thursday Purim
2 April 25 Thursday Passover II Eve
3 April 26 Friday Passover II
4 May 8 Wednesday Memorial Day
5 May 9 Thursday Independence Day
6 June 9 Sunday Pentecost (Shavuot)
7 August 11 Sunday Fast Day
8 September 29 Sunday Jewish New Year Eve
9 September 30 Monday Jewish New Year I
10 October 1 Tuesday Jewish New Year II
11 October 8 Tuesday Yom Kippur Eve
12 October 9 Wednesday Yom Kippur
13 October 13 Sunday Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) Eve
14 October 14 Monday Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth)
15 October 20 Sunday Rejoicing of the Law (Simchat Tora) Eve
16 October 21 Monday Rejoicing of the Law (Simchat Tora)
Trading, Clearing and Settlement are truncated during mid-holidays of Passover (April 21 – 24) and Sukkoth (October 15 – 17), as specified in the Resolutions of the Board of Directors.
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