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Check list of public holidays in North Korea.

North Korea Public Holidays 2015

Check North Korea Public holidays for the year 2015. Check dates and days of holidays like Day of the Shining Star, Lunar New Year Day, Cheongwoldaeboreum, Day of the Sun, Army Day, Labour Day, Chosun Children’s Union Foundation Day, Kim Jong lls Entry to KWP, Victory Day, Liberation Day, Day of Sungun, Independence Day, Chuseok, Foundation of the Korean Workers Party, Mothers Day, Constitution Day in the calendar year 2015.

North Korea Public Holidays 2014

Check official North Korea Public Holidays, Bank Holidays 2014 declared by the North Korea Government. Also check 2014 Holidays calendar of North Korea. Check dates and days of North Korea Holidays in 2014 like New Years Day, Seollal, Independence Movement Day, Children’s Day, Budda Birthday, Memorial Day, Liberation Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok), National Foundation Day, Hangeul Day, Christmas.

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