Bermuda Public Holidays 2021

Printable Bermuda Public Holiday Calendar 2021
Bermuda Public Holiday Calendar 2021
Check Bermuda public holidays for the calendar year 2021. Find 2021 holidays dates in Bermuda for New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Bermuda Day, National Heroes Day, Emancipation Day, Mary Prince Day, Labor Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Boxing Day.
2021 Bermuda Public Holidays
NoMonthDayWeek DayHoliday
1January 1 Friday New Year’s Day
2April 2 Friday Good Friday
3May 28 Friday Bermuda Day
4June 21 Monday National Heroes Day
5July 29 Thursday Emancipation Day
6July 30 Friday Mary Prince Day
7September 6 Monday Labor Day
8November 11 Thursday Remembrance Day
9December 27 Monday Christmas (Observed)
10December 28 Tuesday Boxing Day (Observed)