Canada Public Holidays 2015

Check 2015 statutory holidays in Canada declared by Canada Government.
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The following dates are observed as statutory holidays in Canada. Check holidays dates in year 2015 for New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, Father’s Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day Holiday Canada.

Canada Provincial Public Holidays 2015
Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick
Newfoundland Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut
Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan


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Canada Public Holidays 2015
Sr.No. Month Day Weak Day Name
1 January 1 Thursday New Year’s Day
2 February 16 Monday Family Day
3 April 3 Friday Good Friday
4 April 6 Monday Easter Monday
5 May 10 Sunday Mother’s Day
6 May 18 Monday Victoria Day
7 June 21 Sunday Father’s Day
8 July 1 Wednesday Canada Day
9 August 3 Monday Civic Holiday
10 September 7 Monday Labour Day
11 October 12 Monday Thanksgiving
12 October 31 Saturday Halloween
13 November 11 Wednesday Remembrance Day
14 December 25 Friday Christmas Day
15 December 26 Saturday Boxing Day


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New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls exactly one week after the Christmas Day of the previous year. New Year’s Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. Some countries may also have January 2nd as an
additional New Year holiday.
Family Day
Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and as of 2013 also in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February. Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.
Good Friday
Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday and it is a federal statutory holiday across Canada. Good Friday marks the death of Jesus Christ according to the Christian religion. It is a fundamental part of Christianity along with the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. Many agree that this is a more important holiday than Christmas since it is the ultimate proof that Jesus is the son of God because he came back from death.
Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is not a stat holiday in Canada. It is celebrated in many countries around the world but not on the same day, although most countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May. It is a day meant to honor mothers and appreciate their role in society and their role in families.
Victoria Day
Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honors Queen Victoria’s birthday. In Quebec this holiday is called “National Patriotes Day”.
Father’s Day
Father’s Day is an unofficial holiday to celebrate fathers around the world – although the date for celebration varies. It’s an emerging holiday as it’s celebrated in more and more countries nowadays as fathers are more and more involved in raising children and are recognized for their efforts.
Canada Day
Canada Day celebrates the birthday of Canada. On July 1, 1867 Canada became a new federation with its own constitution by signing the Constitution Act – formerly known as the British North America Act. Canada Day is a national statutory holiday celebrated in all provinces and territories and it is a day off for most businesses. There is, of course, a lot more to Canada Day but the purpose of this page is only to give you a date and a brief history.
Civic Holiday
The Civic Holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of August and it’s a public holiday in some provinces and territories. It is known by many names in different provinces and municipalities. It’s called Regatta Day in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan Day in SK, British Columbia Day in BC, Natal Day in Nova Scotia and PEI, Simcoe Day in Toronto, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, Heritage Day in Alberta and Joseph Brant Day in Burlington, ON.
Labour Day
Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on the first Monday of September and it is a federal statutory holiday. It is also observed in the United States on the same day. Many other countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1st. This holiday officially celebrates workers and the labour union movement, however, most of us only think of it as the last long weekend of the summer, a perfect occasion for one last BBQ or canoe trip.
Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October each year and it’s an official statutory holiday – except in PEI, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia – however federally regulated institutions do observe Thanksgiving in those provinces too.
Remembrance Day
On remembrance day members of the armed forces are commemorated. The other common name for this day is Armistice Day which marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I. on November 11th at 11am in 1918. Some 100,000 Canadian soldiers died in the First and Second World Wars. In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday.
Christmas Day
In Canada, Christmas Day is a federal statutory holiday in every province and territory as it is in most other countries in the world. Christmas, according to Christianity, is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ but this holiday is widely celebrated by non-religous people as well.


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  • Public Holidays Act 2008(PHA2008) Stipulates that a SHOP may open during any Public Holiday as listed above or the any declarations by the Head of State On the advice of Cabinet from time to time. Schools and places of employment shall be closed for all operations shall be closed for all operations except the ‘exempted service’ as outlined in the PHA2008
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