Maldives Public Holidays 2014

Check the list of Maldives Public Holidays 2014 declared by Maldives Government.

  • Below are the dates for the Public Holidays and Bank holidays declared by Maldives Government for the year 2014.
  • Check dates and days of Maldives Holidays in 2014 like New Years Day, National Day, Id-e-Milad, The Day Maldives Embraced Islam, Labour Day, Independence Day, Eid-ul Fithr, Hajju Day, Eid-ul Al’haa, Victory Day, Islamic New Year(1436), Republic Day.


Maldives Public Holidays 2014
No. Month Date Week Day Name
1 January 1 Wednesday New Years Day
2 January 2 Thursday National Day
3 January 13 Monday Id-e-Milad
4 February 2 Sunday The Day Maldives Embraced Islam
5 May 1 Thursday Labour Day
6 June 28 Saturday First Day of Ramzan
7 July 26 Saturday Independence Day
8 July 27 Sunday On the Occasion of Independence Day
9 July 28 Monday Eid-ul Fithr
10 July 29-30 On the Occasion of Eid-ul Fithr
11 October 14 Tuesday Hajju Day
12 October 15 Wednesday Eid-ul Al’haa
13 October 16-18 On the Occasion of Eid-ul Al’haa
14 November 3 Monday Victory Day
15 November 4 Tuesday Islamic New Year(1436)
16 November 11 Tuesday Republic Day