Tripura (India) Public Holidays 2014

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Check 2014 Public Holidays and Restricted Holidays Declared by Tripura Government.

  • Public Holidays and Restricted Holidays in Tripura for the year 2014 – declared by the Tripura Government.
  • Check Tripura Public Holidays Calendar 2014.
  • Tripura Government Notification No.F.17(3)-GA(SA)/2013 dated 6 September 2013.
  • Check dates and days of Tripura Holidays in 2014 like Birthday of Prophet Mohammad, Netaji’s Birthday, Saraswati Puja, Maha Shivaratri, Holi, Biju Festival, Bengali New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Garia Puja, May Day, Birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Buddha Pumima, Birthday of Kazi Nazrul Islam, Kharchi Puja, Ker Puja, Idu’l Fitr, Independence Day, Janmashtami, Mahalaya, Durgapuja, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, Vijaya Dasami, Id-ul- Zuha, Lakshmi Puja, Diwali, Muharram, World Disabled Day, Christmas Day.

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Tripura Public Holidays 2014
No. Month Date Week Day Name
1 January 14 Tuesday Birthday of Prophet Mohammad
2 January 23 Thursday Netaji’s Birthday
3 February 4 Tuesday Saraswati Puja
4 February 27 Thursday Maha Shivaratri
5 March 17 Monday Holi
6 April 14 Monday Biju Festival
7 April 15 Tuesday Bengali New Year’s Day
8 April 18 Friday Good Friday
9 April 21 Monday Garia Puja
10 May 1 Thursday May Day
11 May 9 Friday Birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore
12 May 14 Wednesday Buddha Pumima
13 May 26 Monday Birthday of Kazi Nazrul Islam
14 July 5 Saturday Kharchi Puja
15 July 19 Saturday Ker Puja
16 July 29 Tuesday Idu’l Fitr
 17 August 15 Friday Independence Day
 18 August 18 Monday Janmashtami
 19 September 23 Tuesday Mahalaya
 20 October 1 Wednesday Saptami of Durgapuja
 21 October 2 Thursday Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday/ Ashtami of Durgapuja
 22 October 3 Friday Vijaya Dasami
 23 October 4 Saturday Puja holiday (additional)
 24 October 6 Monday Id-ul- Zuha (Bakrid)
 25 October 7 Tuesday Lakshmi Puja
 26 October 23 Thursday Diwali
 27 November 4 Tuesday Muharram
 28 December 3 Wednesday World Disabled Day
 29 December 25 Thursday Christmas Day

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Tripura Restricted Holidays 2014
No. Month Date Week Day Name
1 January 1 Wednesday New Years Day / Akheri-Chahar-Sumba
2 June 4 Wednesday Jamaisasthi
3 September 26 Wednesday Biswakarma Puja
4 October 25 Saturday Bhatridwitiya
5 November 6 Thursday Guru Nanak’s Birthday
Holidays falling on Sunday
6 April 6 Sunday New Years Day / Akheri-Chahar-Sumba
7 April 13 Sunday Jamaisasthi
8 June 29 Sunday Biswakarma Puja

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Check Tripura Holidays Calendar 2014.

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  • In the year 2014, the Republic Day (26 January) falls on Sunday which is holiday under N.I Act. As such this day has not been included in the list.
  • From restricted holidays government employees may be allowed to avail him/her of any four holidays chosen by him/her out of the list of Restricted holidays during the year 2014.
  • The Pous Parban and Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (14th January) falls on the same date, so Pous Paban holiday not shown in public list.
  • For more detail information of holidays visit : Tripura Government.