Budapest Stock Exchange, Hungary holidays 2013

Check the list of 2013 holidays and trading hours for Budapest Stock Exchange, Hungary.

  • Find Dates of Budapest Stock Exchange Holidays in 2013.
  • Check trading hours in cash market, derivatives market, commodities market in Budapest Stock Exchange.
  • Also find public holidays, bank holidays, school holidays 2013 in Hungary.


Budapest Stock Exchange Holidays 2013
Month Date Day Holidays
January 1 Tuesday Public Holiday
March 15 Friday Public Holiday
March 29 Friday Good Friday
April 1 Monday Easter Monday
May 1 Wednesday Labor Day 
May 20 Monday Whit Monday
August 19 Monday Public Holiday
August 20 Tuesday National Day
October 23 Wednesday National Day
November 1 Friday All Saints’ Day
December 24 Tuesday Christmas Eve
December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day
December 26 Thursday Christmas Day
December 27 Friday Public Holiday
December 31 Tuesday New Year’s Eve

Trading Hours –

Cash Market Trading hours
Equities Section Time
Opening order-collection sub-period* 8.30 – 9.00/9.01
Opening sub-period of transactions* 9.00/9.01 – 9.02
Free period 8.30 – 9.00/9.02
Closing order-collection sub-period* 9.00/9.01 – 9.03
Closing sub-period of transactions* 8.30 – 9.00/9.03
Closing price trading period 9.00/9.01 – 9.04

Notes :

  • Market is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays as specified above.
  • The following Saturdays which are declared business day in Hungary shall also be non-trading days in 2013: August 24., December 7., December 21.
  • * the end of the order-collection sub-period and the beginning of the sub-period of transactions occur simultaneously at random time within the quoted interval.
  • For more detail in holidays and trading hours visit : Budapest Stock Exchange.