Kazakhstan Public Holidays 2015

Check official 2015 Public Holidays of Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan Public Holidays Calender 2015Also check 2015 holidays calendar of Kazakhstan. Check Holidays dates of New Year, Nativity, International Women’s Day, Nauryz Holiday, Kazakhstan People Solidarity Holiday, Defender’s Day, Victory Day, Capital City Day, Constitution Day, Kurban Ait, First President Day, Kazakhstan Independence Day in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Public Holidays 2015
No. Month Day Week Day Name
1 January 1 Thursday New Year*
2 January 2 Friday New Year*
3 January 7 Wednesday Nativity**
4 March 8 Sunday International Women’s Day**
5 March 21 Saturday Nauryz Holiday**
6 March 22 Sunday Nauryz Holiday**
7 March 23 Monday Nauryz Holiday*
8 May 1 Friday Kazakhstan People Solidarity Holiday*
9 May 7 Thursday Defender’s Day*
10 May 9 Saturday Victory Day*
11 July 6 Monday Capital City Day*
12 August 30 Saturday Constitution Day*
13 September 24 Thursday Kurban Ait**
14 December 1 Tuesday First President Day*
15 December 16 Wednesday Kazakhstan Independence Day*
16 December 17 Friday Kazakhstan Independence Day*
  • * National Holidays.
  • ** Days Off.
  • In the event that a national holiday falls on weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the days-off shall be extended by one day.
  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 267 of December 13, 2001 ”On Holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan”
    Decree by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 3827 of January 20, 1998 ”On Professional and Other Holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan”